What is Episilia?

Episilia is a log management system built for speed and scale with a very low operational cost. Logs are ingested from Kafka, indexed and stored in S3. Logs are searched and served from S3 directly with no need for any local database. Grafana Logs Browser is the defacto UI to search logs.


  • Logs ingested from Kafka

  • Indexed and stored in S3

  • Log Search for any date / hour range

  • Search supports regular and regex search

  • Grafana Logs browser is the defacto UI

  • Contextual logs automatically displayed for each matching log entry

  • Matching logs can be downloaded to local laptop for further analysis

  • Alerts generated for matching logs; delivered via Prometheus

  • Live tail of logs with search queries as filters

  • Logs can be analysed in Hive, directly from S3


Episilia is built with these technical design principles

  1. Built in C++ with SIMD instructions

  2. Storage is separate from Compute

  3. Scales as a set of stateless micro-services coordinating via kafka

Getting Started

Step 1

Generate a license key at https://spike.episilia.net, there is a generous free plan offered

Step 2

Configure episilia using the helm repo, deploy and run. Please follow the Installation Guide

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