🛠️Episilia Tools

Episilia Tools are designed to support users in exploring Episilia further.

This collection of tools is designed for the Episilia cluster. It includes a Java-based tool that facilitates the conversion of .index and .data files generated by Episilia to plain text. Please download the JAR file from the following link:


1. Pushing logs into kafka

java -cp tools.jar com.episilia.tools.logpusherLogPusherApp

Below are the parameters to supply in that order

1. brokerUrl
2. logs topic
3. log file path or folder
4. messages per thread, for instance 10000
5. threads to start, for instance 10
6. repeat count, for instance 5
7. seconds between repeat, to sleep between log pushes, for instance 3
The above parameters will push 10000 * 10 = 100000 logs per loop, repeating the loop 5 times sleeping for 3 seconds 
between the loops                   

2. Converting .data and .index files to text

java -cp tools.jar com.episilia.tools.reader.ReaderApp <inputFolder> <outputFolder>

Below are the parameters to supply in that order

1. inputFolder - this is where .index and .data files are present
2. outputFolder - the convered text files are written here

A sample invokation

java -cp tools.jar com.episilia.tools.reader.ReaderApp /xmnt/data/episilia/sample/input /xmnt/data/episilia/sample/output

The command can be run any number of times on the same input folder. It will skip processing the files for which output is already present. If a file needs to be reparsed, remove the corresponding file from the output folder.

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