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Features and Enhancements:

  • Optimized Docker image, correction of timestamp fix in file name according to message timestamp instead of system timestamp, reduce the initial wait period for the optimizer starting, Memory check.

  • The proc file is changed. This file now shows the resources allotted to the processes like the RAM allocated and do throttling.

  • The context-limit can be set using a predefined label selector to retrieve the surrounding context lines for each logline. The below mentioned format can be used:

Bug fixes:

  • The error log messages are corrected

Config changes:

  • The Kakfa config is fixed.

  • The config is also validated.


  • memory.maxrecord.count: 40000

  • work.dir: /tmp/

  • index.cache.path: /tmp/index.tkh

  • data.cache.path: /tmp/data.tkh


  • memory.maxrecord.count: 40000

  • memory.pause.mb: 800

  • memory.resume.mb: 600

  • memory.poll.ms: 20

  • cache.dir: /tmp

  • api.throttle.enable : true

  • server.memory.maxmb: 2048

  • data.cache.size.gb: 100

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