Released on 27 May 2021

Features and enhancements:

  • Episilia Control Panel :
- Monitors health/metrics of episilia cluster
- Collects server tools health indicators/metrics and also runs additional health checks on episilia
  • Search Pod Memory improvement:
- Index in-memory size compaction leads to lower index warming memory.
- Use ops.index.memory.maxmb for search cache sizing. Reduces memory usage by queries.

Bug fixes:

  • Multi JSON Parsers in episilia-log-indexer for better performance i.e Multi threads are enabled now.

Config Changes:

  • All the servers now have to pass the client name and env for the Cpanel has the data stored under their unique env.
- epic
- client.env: prod
  • All the existing servers have got these new configs through which the required info for cpanel is handled.
- cpaneld
- 300
- localhost:9092
  • ops.server.mode: gateway
Values based on :
- SERVER_MODE_SEARCH_DATE_RANGE "search_daterange" (Historic search)
  • Some new config changes only for episilia-log-indexer
- localhost:9092
- out.kafka.stage.topic: stagefiles #publish indexed files
- stagegroup #publish indexed files
- out.kafka.optimize.topic: optfiles # publish file names post optimization
- optimizer-group # kafka group used by optimizer for the above topics
- out.kafka.sign.payload: true