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Features and Enhancements:

  • Optimized Docker image, correction of timestamp fix in file name according to message timestamp instead of system timestamp, reduce the initial wait period for the optimizer starting, Memory check
  • Index size reduction/defragmentation & Index metadata loading solutions.This will address “Search index warming time” and also “query time window” will be further expanded.
  • Expect a slow-down on search TAT for certain queries ( for the first time ) if there is a cache miss. Subsequent queries once the cache is loaded will back to regular speed.

Bug fixes:

  • Masking the source code - This feature is to protect sensitive data while providing a functional alternative when real data is not needed. The issue in masking has been fixed.
  • Search Issues
    • Search pod restarting repeatedly because of memory overrun.
    • Query time window was very small.
    • High search index size & high search index warming time.
  • Solutions worked on
    • Search.index Caching.
    • Index size reduction/defragmentation.
    • Lightweight index metadata creation & loading.
    • Advanced caching scheme.

Config changes:

There are no config changes.