Released on 30 Aug 2021

Features and Enhancements:

  • This release supports the episilia-in-a-box product, where all episilia cluster including grafana can be installed in a single installation.

  • All configurations for episilia are now a centralized YAML, instead of server-wise configurations. Use helm for installation and configuration.

  • Server wise Prometheus is removed and all metrics data is shared by cpanel.

  • Optimizer trigger is now enabled. Optimizer will be run automatically on the staging folder.

  • Data file caching now respects the caching limit via data.cache.disk.max.gb.

  • work.dir has all episilia working data including index and data cache files.

  • Empty s3 folders are skipped during index warming.

  • Allowed sever modes: search, gateway, optimizer, indexer, log_watcher.

  • Search now has a timeout config: search.api.timeout.seconds.

Bug fixes:

There are no bug fixes.

Config changes:

Configuration is revamped as mentioned in Features and Enhancements.

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